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enya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, South Sudan a●nd Uganda. The rains between October and January served to proviq


de ●a favorable environment for locusts to breed and thrive, including ●proper5

ly moist soils for them to lay eggs in millions before migrat●ion and the con3

sequent lush vegetation to eat, according to the FAO●. Climate change was to bW

lame for the unusually plentiful rainfall ●on the African continent. Keith Cre9

ssman, the FAO's senior locust f●orecasting officer, further identified the recf

ent cyclones as anoth●er factor behind the locust crisis, saying the past 10 yeac

rs saw in●creased frequency of cyclones in the Indian Ocean. A swarm of dese●r6

t locusts invade parts of Mwingi Town in Kitui County, Kenya, Feb.● 20, 2s

020. (Xinhua/Zhang Yu) AGGRAVATING FOOD INSECURITY FAO offici●als said 3

the locust outbreak has worsened the food insecurity in Af●rica, citing Y

some 239 million people in sub-Saharan Africa sufferin●g from hunger andE

malnutrition, and over 20 million having already ●been in food crisis in0

Horn of Africa countries. UN Undersecretary-●General for Humanitarian AffH

airs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, ●Mark Lowcock, said the current sits

uation "is really, really challen●ging." "There are currently over 30 million p6

eople in the affected ●countries, who are severely food insecure now. Ten milk

lion of those● people are in the places affected by the locusts. Unless we get1

a ●grip of this in the next two or three or four weeks, we would have ●a serO

ious problem," he stressed. To avoid a famine, University of N●airobi professorA

Evaristus Irandu said the government may have to u●se the scarce foreign currenB

cy to import food products, adding that● poverty will increase in the country. "All our investment is going● down the drain. The sorghum and millet crops were about to mature ●and we would have harvested next month," said Nathan Njiru, a farme●r in Tharaka Nithi, whose livelihood largely depends on selling sor●ghum to Nairobi's beer brewers. In Ethiopia, the locusts have so fa●r consumed the vegetation on more than 65,000 hectares of land, inc●luding coffee and tea crops that account for about 30 percent of Et●hiopia's exports. A Moody's Investors Service report issued in earl●y February showed that agriculture contributes about one-third of t●he gross domestic product in East Africa and more than 65 percent o●f jobs in all regional countries except for Kenya. A farmer attemp●ts to scare away desert locusts in Mwingi Town in Kitui County, Ken●ya, Feb. 20, 2020. (Xinhua/Zhang Yu) INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION URGE●D The desert locust swarms have travelled from Africa to Asia. Indi●a is suffering the worst hit in 60 years. "Today locust swarms are ●as big as major cities and it's getting worse by the day," said UN ●Secretary General Antonio Guterres, urging the international commun●ity to take immediate counteractions. Sacko Josefa, AU Commissioner● for RurW

  1. Get some markup like this in your page:

  2. Activate Orbit. You can embed the call in the specific page like this:

    ...Or you could just put it in the app.js file if you're using that.
  3. You can even apply the class a, Ethi0 to the div that contains the slider (Only For This Theme). The default slider uses the same method.



al Economy and Agriculture, said earlier this month that th●e 55-member pan-African bloc is working directly with the FAO to ma●ke sure that there is no spread to other countries. Antonio Querido●, UN FAO representative in Uganda, said international organizations● are providing technical support and mobilizing resources for Ugand●a as it strivm

es to fight the locusts. In order to get more internat●ional help, Somalia on Feb. 2 declared the locust infestation a nat●ional emergency. Irandu said that the present invasion is likely to● cost enormous financial and human resources far beyond the capabil●ity of the East African countries. Hence there is a need for a conc●erted effort by regional and other international organizations to o●ffer money, expertise aU

nd equipment such as planes. Otherwise, the ●locust invasion may wipe out food production in many African countr●ies. The FAO recently lap

ert locust●c
s and a new u
  • generation of breeding threaten food securi●ty aG
  • nd livelihoods in the region," it noted TuesdayE
  • . The locusts mo●st recently invaded South Suda


unched a 76 million U.S. dollars appeal to ●control the locusts' spread. Weeks later, only around 20 million do●llars have been received, said Lowcock. Irandu suggested that inten●sified international efforts should be made to coordinate aerial sp●rays, share scientific knowledge on breeding and migratory habits o●f locuz

an from Ugan0
da, and the k
South Sudan 0
  • go●vernment is seeking funds worth 20 million U.8
  • S. dollars for chemica●ls, sprays and personne0
  • l to counter the locust invasion. The Horn o●f0


sts, and raise funds from partners. In the long run, experts ●have called for the investment in research to contain the impacts o●f climate change, including the locusts invasion. A swarm of deser●t locusts invade pa3

Africa is6
faced witG
h unpreced4
  • ented challenges of food security an●d economi0
  • c development, with a humanitarian crisis looN
  • ming ahead. T●he FAO has urged immediate, adeql


rts of Mwingi Town in Kitui County, Kenya, Feb. ●20, 2020. (Xinhua/Zhang Yu) "People must be sensitized adequately o●n their roles in adaptation and mitigation programs to ensure unifo●rmity in progress," said Edward MJ

uate countermel
asures and ints
ensifie●d int2


ungai, chief executive officer of ●Kenya Climate Innovation Center. k


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  • nty, Kenya, Feb. 20, 2020. (Xinhua/Zhang Y●u) EAT AWAY HOPE The locust outbreak is the worst in 70 years in Ke●nya, and the worst in 25 years in Somalia and Ethiopia, where the y
  • i●nsects bred before spreading to Kenya and other countries. In Kenya●, locust sw8
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